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Dating 2nd Cavalry Regiment Wellington Japan

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Hi everybody,


I'm looking for all informations about this DUI.





2nd Cavalry Regiment, Wellington Japan.


I doesn't find informations about this regiment in Japan, Korea or Vietnam. After the end of WW2, he stays in Germany.


Thanks a lot


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Japanese made c. 1950s-60s, more like 60s, w/ Box address .


Pourquoi? Marketing 101, can't sell what you don't have. Uncommon for sure.


Au revoir


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Just as the Germans made a lot of stuff in patches and DIs for units that never set foot in Europe no less Germany in the 50s-60s, the Japanese did likewise. As Tred said, a market thing, making loads of Army unit insignia that was on the books at that time, for any interested parties to buy.

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