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WWII MLB Health Patch


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This came out of a box of mostly WWII division patches, and caused me some confusion identifying it until I found a couple threads about them. From what I have read these were the logo of the Hale America Initiative and worn by MLB players in 1942. The program was meant to promote fitness among the population after the US entered WWII. These patches are fairly uncommon, and appeal to both home front collectors as well as sports memorabilia collectors. This example was worn quite extensively, but the fabric and stitching is still in good shape.


Here is a article about the history of this patch and other variants.


Any comments are welcome.


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Very nice one. These aren't too common at all--stumbled upon mine in a local auction but had to sit through many hours of glassware until the box of patches came up for sale.


Thank you for sharing the link--very informative and full of variations I wasn't aware of!

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Breathing a little life back into this topic in case anyone has recently acquired an example of this patch or came across new information in research. I've also linked a couple other threads for future reference. I still have mine and will be posting better quality pictures soon.




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Some better quality pictures of the example in my collection. It was previously sewn onto something and has pretty decent overall staining.





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21 hours ago, Salvage Sailor said:

Have you considered cleaning this one up with a Woolite soak?


I have not really thought about it, but I'd definitely be interested in trying. Any suggestions as to where I could read up on the the process, or have any tips based on experience?

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Salvage Sailor

Search the forum with the words 'woolite' 'soak' and you'll find a dozen or more of them with members experience with a cold water woolite soak to remove grime and stains.


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