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Can You ID this Patch: ID 63rd Infantry Division

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Here is Angelo SINIBALDI.





He was PFC in the 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division in 1944.

He died on 25 January 1944 near Villers la Bonne Eau, south of Bastogne and received the Purple Heart.

His grave is located at the American Cemetery near Epinal (France).

About ten years ago, and as we have the same name, my father found a member of his family (a niece). To thank us for finding his uncle's grave she sent us this picture that I have just found.
But what is this patch? It's not the 35th Infantry Division.


Thanks to help me.





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That's the correct ID posted by Bearmon


That is probably a training photo when he was assigned to the 63rd "Blood and Fire" Infantry Division. Many of their trained infantry men were used as replacement drafts to other combat divisions in the ETO during 1944.


The 63d Infantry Division was activated on 15 June 1943, at Camp Blanding, Florida. Shortly thereafter, the division removed to Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi to prepare for deployment to Europe. On three occasions during the next seventeen months, the division trained up recruits only to have them cross-leveled to other divisions heading for theater. The first elements of the division, anxious to get in the fight, finally arrived in Europe in December 1944 and were joined by the rest of the division in January 1945.



63rd Infantry Division patch.jpg

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Thank you very much.


I also think that this photo is during his training because he was from Illinois.


According to his niece he was a cook inb 137th IR.

Was there a distinctive badge for this function

I also think that this photo is during his training because he was from Illinois


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THe 137th Infantry Regiment was a unit in the 35th Infantry DIvision and was a Kansas National Guard outfit. He would NOT have worn these DIs as a member of the 63rd Infantry Division.



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When I went through MP school in 1984, our Drill Sergeants always threated us with reclassification and sending us to "Cook School" to earn our crossed spoons if we did not act right. Of course there is no such insignia but we did not know any better at the time. :lol:




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According to this



He served in 2nd Battalion Headquarters Company 253rd Infantry regiment 63rd Infantry Division. The 253rd did not have a DUI during ww2.

Looking for anything related to 2nd Battalion 253rd Infantry 63rd Infantry Division!!









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