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Philadelphia, PA.


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Hi all,


In a few weeks I'll be visiting the United States again. I'll be staying there from October 22nd till November 14th. I have alot planned during this visit but was also hoping to check out some antique shops, surplus stores, gun/militaria shows, flea markets or any other places where one could find WWII memoribilia.


One of the places I'll be in the neighborhood is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Does anyone know some places where one could succeed to fins some stuff? I'd be willing to drive for lets say 2.5 hours tops.

I heard Allentown would host a gunshow on October 28th?


Any tips are more than welcome!


*note to the admins; I made multiple posts for different places, hopefully that'll be no problem? If so feel free to merge them into one post!

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Gettysburg Civil War and Military show is the 28th and 29th. Over 400 tables, it's a pretty good show. Also plenty of Antique shops in the area.

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