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My Fifth Patch - Wool Appliqued WWI "Walking Bear" Polar Bear Patch


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Well, I guess I am just going to swamp the forum with my patches right now. I was sewing a pair of doll trousers yesterday and listening to a Christie audiobook and . . . well, the trousers got done before the audiobook! So, I had this little bear all cut out and figured I may as well start. In the end, I finished him (and the audiobook!). ;)


This isn't exactly embroidered. I chose to do the wool applique variety first. An embroidered one comes next. However, I am super happy with the result and it looks and feels very similar to an original one (which I was able to use as a guide for making a template for the background shape.


This is wool/rayon specialty felt in navy blue and "linen" (natural white, not bright).









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