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1st Sgt Question

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Would it be possible for a senior Tech Sgt in a unit to hold this position in the USAF?


Sure, he would be a position or slot as Acting 1st Sergeant, he might even wear that small lozenge over his rank insignia when holding this temporary position, as this, unlike the Army and Marine Corps is a separate patch and can be sewn on and off as needed.


As an example of an E-7 acting 1st Sargent, here a good talk on it.



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There is no such thing as a Senior Technical Sergeant in the USAF. You have to be a Master Sgt, Sr. Master Sgt, or Chief Master Sgt, E-7, 8, or 9) to hold the title 1st Sgt.

I think he might of meant a senior ranking Tech Sgt, that's at least what I understood.

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In the Air Force there is no such thing as a "senior" E-6 first sergeant.


All AF First Sergeants are permanent master, senior or chief master sergeants.


It is its own AFSC with some first sergeants graduating from a special training program -- or in my era -- from an ECI correspondence course.


A technical sergeant may temporary serve in that capacity but he or she wouldn't be wearing the diamond.

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