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Vet bring back - P38 with Hoster, Capture papers & Tag

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I just received this in the mail yesterday and didn't have time to take my own pictures. Here is the ad from the company I purchased it from. It is still up! http://www.gunmess.com/store/p130/WW2_German_Walther_P_38_W%2F_Holster_%2F_Capture_Papers%21.html

There is some splattering from unknown substance on one side of the pistol. Could this of been blood that marred the finish? I googled the vet and here is the info I found:

"DELORME FOLTZ was born on 03 Dec1918. He died on 05 March 1982. Delorme entered Military service November 11, 1944. He served in the 102nd Division of infantry in E.T.O. 255th Signal L. Construction Company in E.T.O. April15, 1945 – July 17, 1946. Discharged July 31,1946."


It looks like he went in the tail end of the war and picked up a nice souvenir! I wonder if the family has any info? I found the name's of the vets children and may try to contact them. I always worry that if I contact them they might want the pistol back. I would sell it back to them but I really want to keep it! Enjoy guys!



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Thanks Guys! I thought the price was decent at $1450. Most of the ones I followed on Gunbroker sold at around 2K. Still thinking about contacting the family. I'm going to ask the dealer if he got if from a family estate. Any thoughts on the possible blood splattering on it?

Thanks for the comments.

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