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VB-89 | VBF-89 | VP-89 "Pied Pipers" | VT-89 | CAG-89 - USS Antietam (CV-36)


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VB-89 | VBF-89 | VP-89 "Pied Pipers" | VT-89 | CAG-89 - USS Antietam (CV-36)


This thread will share a wonderful grouping I acquired about fifteen years ago attributed to Lt. Commander Joshua Cookenbach, Jr., who served aboard the Antietam as CAG-89 (Commander Air Group 89). This grouping includes photos, publications, patches and decals.


USS Antietam (CV-36) was launched 20 August 1944 by the Philadelphia Navy Yard; commissioned 23 January 1945. It joined the Pacific Fleet too late to participate in active combat operations during WWII, instead serving in a support role and after the war the occupation of China and Korea.




SB2C-5 Helldiver and F4U Corsair aircraft of US Navy squadrons VB-89 and VF-89 aboard USS Antietam, 1945; note USS Highbee in background. United States Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation





A TBM-3E Avenger of Torpedo Squadron (VT) 89 in flight over USS Antietam (CV-36) off Hawaii, possibly in 1945. U. S. Naval Institute.






U. S. Navy photo.





13 June 1945 - 19 June 1945
Transit to Pearl Harbor

12 August 1945 - 1 September 1945
West Pacific


Squadrons and aircraft:

VF-89 | F6F-5, F6F-5PH
VBF-89 | F4U-4
VB-89 | SB2C-4E
VT-89 | TBM-3E



Lt. Commander Joshua Cookenbach, Jr. (1907-2012) served four years of active duty with the U. S. Navy in both the Atlantic and Pacific as a lieutenant-commander and naval aviator during WWII. By the close of WWII he was CAG-89 (Commander Air Group 89) on board the USS Antietam (CV-36). He was commissioned a Lieutenant following completion of Naval Training School, Quonset Point, RI. (Class 4, 1942.) already a career executive with Bell Telephone, he enlisted in 1942. He returned to the telephone company upon his return home in late 1946.















VP-89 aboard the Antietam.





Tsingtao, China. 5 November 1945.

from left: Lt. Cmdr. Carl Shoup, USS Antietam; Lt. W. L. Griffiths, ComCarDiv-5 and Lt. Cmdr. Joshua Cookenhack, Jr., CAG-89.



Due to Forum limits on the number of photos in a post, the post will continue in this thread, below.

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Established 14 June 1945
Disestablished 21 November 1945


Aircraft: F4U-4



Embroidered on wool. 5" round.















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Here is another one shot of VB-89 - SB2C-5 over Tsingtao (now Qingdao) on the east coast of China, taken 29 Sept. 1945. Photo was scanned by a employee of Naval Aviation Museum Org. Thanks a lot for that.






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If look closer at photo of VB-89 at USS Antietam (CV-36) we can see that first Helldiver have a decal on his right side.



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