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99th Division handwritten diary with interesting side story

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Thought I would share a diary that I've had for several years that had an interesting side story.


The diary was kept by Lt. Melvin Temmer, 99th Division, 395th Infantry Regiment Medical Detachment. It covers from November of 1944 to the end of the war. It's one of the most comprehensive diaries I have had, particular considering he was near the front lines. First I'll throw out a few pages from the diary. The guy wrote with incredible detail. He often would leave a blank spot where a person's name or a location would be located and then went back near the end of the war and filled in those blanks. I guess he felt that if it fell into the wrong hands the Germans wouldn't be able to have much use for it.


Rob M



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Now, the interesting side story - I was searching the internet a few years ago and came across this piece of information from a team of diggers over in Europe.






They obviously got the first name wrong on their note as the name on the pen is clearly "Melvin Temmer" of the 395th Infantry. Pretty neat to think that this was the pen he used to write in this diary.


Rob M

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Thats a cool diary! The pen they dug up looks like a mechanical pencil.



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That's really incredible! Even better they found his pencil on the battlefield

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Hi Rob, amazing piece of 99th history. I am working on a documentary about the 99th and have interviewed 8 of them and 2 german veterans that fought against the 99th.


I would be very interested in using maybe parts of the diary for the documentary. If you are interested please send me a pm or contact me via my website http://www.99thinfantrydivision.com

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