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Tanker jacket original ww2?

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Dear fellow collectors,


Yesterday I have purchased this salty tanker jacket, It came many years ago from fleemarket in the ardennes, Belgium the seller said. 2 things I see on this jacket raise questions to me.

1 the wool border on the top and bottom of the jacket are somewhat green, the wool border on the sleeves is brown.

2 The zipper is broken, but I don't know the brand Crown on US ww2 uniforms.


Is this a complete original ww2 jacket in your opinion? Or is it post war or maybe (post)wartime repaired?


Thanks in advance for your reply's






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THis is a nice jacket! Crown zippers are VERY common on WWII US uniforms. Crown zippers are often found in paratrooper jump jackets for example. I like the knit waistband and collar. The cuffs appear to have been replaced, but they look like what I would expect to see from the time period.


As I look at the repairs at the cuffs, it confirms my assessment that this is an original jacket. It isn't in great shape, but it will display nicely and they are REALLY hard to find. I think you did well.



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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Nice tanker jacket! I own a very well used one with many repairs. It came with an extra set of period replacement cuffs and a collar. But I like the beat up originals and left them on. If you set up a display with your tanker post some photos of it.





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