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M-5 Knife Leather Sheath

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I bought a pile of M8A1 scabbards and reproduction fighting knives, etc., at an estate for the purpose of putting them on my table at the next local militaria show here in Arizona. I saw this scabbard and tossed it in the pile as a make-weight because it looked unusual. I believe it is for the last bayonet made for the M1 Garand, the M-5, M5-1 and the M-5A1. It measures just under 12 inches long and the undersides of both snaps are marked with faint letters but I am having a difficult time making them out. DOT? According to page 311, The Best of U. S. Military Knives by Cole :


This M5 Leather Scabbard is said to be very rare only 3 or 4 of these are in well known collections.

Note: One well known collector dealer thinks these M-5 scabbards may not a be military item,

but commercial.


Any opinions of what I have here? Is this really an obscure item? Fantasy piece? Should it be in a collection or in a fishing tackle box in the garage? Whatever it is it has the feel of a 40-50 year old leather piece with nice wear and no real "leather smell".



post-2661-0-86049600-1504811347_thumb.jpg post-2661-0-10202200-1504811358_thumb.jpg



Always looking for Purple Hearts issued to New York men or any WWI Purple Hearts for 27th Division and 77th Division men.

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To my knowledge these were a commercially made scabbard for knives made up from leftover contract parts. I have, what is called, an M5 fighting knife made up of Milpar M5 bayonet blade, guard, and plastic grip, but never completed w/ latching lever, gas plug stud etc. Supposedly these scabbards were made for those knives, mine came w/ an M8A1. Keep the scabbard, they're cool, and you can use it for anything from an M3 through M7. They were not made for issue w/ an M-5 bayonet. SKIP

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Skip is right about these so-called M-5 knives probably being commercial knives made up from leftover parts. They are indeed very scarce, as Mr. Cole mentioned, but they are not strictly USGI. I would classify them as Vietnam era private purchase knives.


Here is the example I have had in my collection for years. It is a Utica made blade.


M-5 Knife Utica unsheathed.jpg


M-5 Knife Utica Guard bottom .jpg


M-5 Utica sheathed ed.jpg


And the page from Coles III on these blades:


M-5 Knives ed.jpg





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