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USMC/Army turn of century China muskrat cap


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Another thread currently running on the Legation Guard China fur cap of the late 20's and 3-0's motivated me to start one on the earlier muskrat fur caps also worn in China before the ega diamonds were introduced. These are well represented in period photographs. It is largely believed the Marines wore these caps, which were an Army contract piece. There were earlier models from the IW period when they were first produced. In the 1880's the model was said to have a red Chintz lining, but the 1902 specifications describe a polished cotton lining. One of the prolific manufacturers of these from the earliest models through the 1890's was Edmond R. Lyons. While mine depicted here isn't attributed necessarily to a Marine, I believe it conforms to the ones worn in China from the Boxer Rebellion into the 1920's. Here are some pics. The contractor stamp is hard to see in the photo, but I can make out Edmond R. Lyons in hand. Interesting is the remnants of the old round red colored size sticker sometimes seen in the 1880 pattern spiked helmet. Kevin





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The first shot above is the rear of the cap. I rearranged the photos after they were taken, but it didnt stick apparently. I believe the front has the small folded up "bill" as depicted in photo 3 above. Here are some more.



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Kevin a big thank you! This threat is an excellent breakdown of these caps and I hope others add to it with their examples. Interesting these had no sweat bands...similar to mine, but the later China caps did. Also great to see the short front bill....which got larger and higher as the years went on.

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