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US Navy issues trademark infringements on auctions

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"This message is a private conversation between you and Etsy. Please respect this confidentiality and refrain from distributing this communication without permission from Etsy."


Sorry, but this makes me smile.

I do not profess to be a militaria expert, but I conduct as much research as I am capable of and then write about my findings.
Check out my blogs, The Veteran's Collection (general militaria) and Chevrons and Diamonds (military baseball)



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Any updates on this? I had one 1930 pin back button removed from Etsy but if they are talking about removing any and all vintage items from eBay I'll be in trouble. I've any number of vintage US Navy photos listed.


- and I sure didn't receive an email from Etsy saying ' We made a mistake '. Did receive an email stating a claim was made about trademark infringement.



Collector of military photographs, from the earliest to 1970. Especially WWII. From Signal Corps to unknown GI photos.
Also official photos from the U.S. Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force. Also a collector of Propaganda
Leaflets from earliest to Vietnam War. Also wanted: Japanese American Internment camp material.

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