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1946 "Ahoy, Sailor! Yes, You!" for U.S. Military Personnel

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"GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS!" In 1946 the American Red Cross working with King Features Syndicate created a booklet for service men and women with Popeye and his friends to describe the role of the A.R.C. in assisting service men and women and their families. The title was: "AHOY, SAILOR! YES. YOU!" :rolleyes: Here is the first page of 16-pages which am sure you'll enjoy seeing, perhaps for the first time? It was not just the Walt Disney team that provided free artwork to help the war effort, other companies were involved as well! I'm sure everyone will be glued to their personnel computers to see the following pages as they appear here, BUT! If you'd like to see it all quicker, email me at: (hhbooker2@yahoo.com) You can received daily scans for free! :rolleyes: Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California.


Herbert Booker









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Thanks for posting that Sarge,


My family has been extensively involved with Red Cross work in Southern California non-stop since WWI, and I'm still quite active both in California & Hawaii.


Great booklet, never saw this one.

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