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Lt Thomas Shockley - 376th Parachute Field Artillery, 82nd AB

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Found this photo along with another pose taken at the same time, in a Nurse's photo album from 32nd General Hosp. Censor date on back is 16 Oct 1944.


Had a hard time tracking him, because there are a lot of Tom Shockleys out there! His obit from Sep 2000 gives his unit as in the title above and that he received a Bronze Star for his actions during Operation Market Garden.


Can't make out the SSI in either photo, but look like an AB tab. Do you think he would have worn the 82nd SSI, or did the 376th have their own?


The man with him is Robert Norie (1913-1980). I think he was a Med Admin officer with the 32nd GH, but can't prove it yet. Both were from Oklahoma.




I'll post the the photo



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LT Shockley was undoubtedly wearing an 82nd A/B SSI. The 376th PFA had a great DUI that was worn- made by Newcombe in sterling silver.


In the second phot, it looks to me to be the standard officers' PGI cap patch. These were widely worn by the 82nd Airborne Division as the colors matched the SSI perfectly. Great photo!



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