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Veteran had Small Story with Purchase of Military Jacket


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Had a Vietnam veteran stop at my table today and looked at what jackets I had. After he looked for a few minutes - he tried one. He liked it. While paying for it - he mentioned why he had bought it. Back in his younger military days he was in Germany and someone decided to steal his military field jacket that he had throughout his service. After all these years he made the decision to find a field jacket like he had worn. Well after years of searching he found the one on my table. What he was going to do is have everything he could have duplicated sewn back on this jacket. I did not get his name but he seemed very happy and away he went. That's all that matters to me with his story. It wasn't in the best condition but that is the way he wanted it because of the look it had.

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​A great story, I am glad you could make his day.

Looking for WWII personalized or unit marked helmets, combat clothing, Navy and Army flying gear and souvenir items or just interesting stuff.

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