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M-1902 McKeever usage for Mounted Troops?

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I came across this in the 1905 US Army Regulation for Uniforms, Weapons and Accoutrements,


"For mounted troops these items included a brass keeper and Pattern 1902 saber straps, a McKeever cartridge box in russet leather, a Pattern 1902 revolver holster, and a pattern 1902 pistol cartridge pouch in russet leather".


According to other directives, officers and 1SGTs were only issued revolver/pistol and sword during this era.


So do the above issue of a McKeever cartridge box would then be for troopers only? Issued as per regulation but everyone knows that have served, you get extra, you carry extra and you discard what is not nor ever needed for the immediate situation. I was issued a gas mask in Nam, did I or anyone else carry one...NO!!!







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I understand that for most of the McKeever's life it was predominantly regulated for garrison usage with either loop or later pocket cartridge belts being the norm for field. I understand that McKeever was originally intended for field use in pairs in the 1870s with the Palmer system or whatever that first one with the McKeever boxes. They were other pattern boxes such as the Dyer along the way too.

Be well,


Chad C. Rogers

Retired Army

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