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WW1 Veteran with WW2 Soldier

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This is a fun one from my family. This is my Great-Grandfather with a neighbor leaving for WW2 in 1943. Granddad put on his old uniform to see his neighbor off.


I still have his uniform, posted here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/250208-ww1-medic-uniform-finally/?hl=grail.


Always looking for WW1 28th Division; anything, papers, field gear, uniforms, etc.


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Oh, thanks for posting this photo! I LOVE it! What a fabulous thing to have and so fun to see! That must have been cool to see. Also, thanks for the link to the other thread. Really enjoyed seeing the uniform!


I have a question for you about the uniform . . . I got a piece of a cut-up WWI jacket, and was shocked when it arrived and the wool is so fuzzy and scratchy! Like an old horse blanket! Is your Grampa's uniform fuzzy and scratchy? I mean for wool. The poor soldiers . . . ;)



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