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Iron Mountain, Michigan Military Museum

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Fred Borgmann
Fred Borgmann
  • 5 weeks later...

I visited the Museum a few years ago and was happily impressed by the glider. If I remeber correctly the story behind the glider, or possibly the second partial frame they have, was that it was used as a hunting shack after the war somwhere in the UP.

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Heres what there website says about it, intresting history,

"The restoration of the CG-4A glider - and the idea for a glider museum - began when a deteriorated fuselage frame was donated to the Menominee Range Historical Foundation. The glider frame was originally purchased by Olaf and Beatrice Blomquist, of Iron Mountain, for $75 sometime following World War II from the Ford Motor Company Plant in Kingsford. The Blomquists, in turn, sold it to their nephew, Vernon (Janie) Anderson, of Metropolitan, located in northeastern Dickinson County, where it was used as a play house and hunting camp".



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