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Aniwa Military Show (formerly Iola WI Show)

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Had been doing the Iola show with some friends for the last 7-8 years. Was disappointed when I heard it was moving. Our group really looks forward to getting together so we made the move to Aniwa. It was smaller this year, limited to 2 spaces per vendor. Contrary to some reports, guns could be sold there. Crowd was pretty good for the first year at a new venue. Probably 4-5,000 through the gates. Sales were good. Most of the vendors I talked to seemed to do well.


By next year, it is intended to expand the vendor area to a 20 acre parcel. Sales to the public Friday 3pm to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 6pm or so. No vehicles can leave the vendor area while it is open to the public, so no early pullout for dealers as often happened at Iola.


Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised. Promoter seems to be a very hard charger. I think it will expand/improve over the next few years.


We will definitely be back next year and I encourage anyone sitting on the fence to come next year and support the show.

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