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WWI Sanctuary Wood Museum Ypres Belgium

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daniel griffin

I am in Europe with my 17 year old son visiting sites that my wife would not be interested in seeing - so we left her home.

After the First World War a farmer returned to reclaim his land in and around what was left of the wood he had left in 1914. A section of the original woods and the trenches in it were cleared of debris and casualties but generally the farmer left a section of a British trench system as he found it and started a museum of what he found laying about. There are a number of post WWI additions to the museum and the trench system looks like it has been repaired a number of times, but I thought that it gave you a real feel of what WWI trenches were like.



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Thanks for sharing. It's a shame they have some relics just sitting outside though...

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Thanks for sharing. It's a shame they have some relics just sitting outside though...

There's so much of it. I stayed at a hotel just up the road from there that was on the front line, there were literally thousands of shell cases all over the place. You would not believe just how much.

Incredible place to visit- the Menin Gate ceremony is very poignant.



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Thank you for sharing this with us.. I am sure you are having a great time with your son on this trip..



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Thanks for the photos Dan. Hasn't changed much from the early 90s and brings back some great memories when my son and I visited there. Have fun!

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Looks overwhelming.


It really is hard to get a handle on the scope of WWI... the numbers of troops, the casualties, the guns, the shells fired, the supplies... it was just massive.


A place like this gives you some perspective.

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