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Question for Dealers-WWII unit histories consignment

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I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules with this inquiry, and that it is in the right section


About 10 years ago I purchased, on consignment from (I believe) a dealer in the Midwest (Kansas City?) about 30-40 WWII unit histories (various Divisional, Regimental, and Battalion studies) that were part of a large collection they were selling on consignment.


All hat I bought were ETO focused (covering infantry, armored, cavalry and artillery) and were added to my existing collection. For the life of me I can't remember who the dealer was. If anyone might recall please let me know.


Regardless, a change interests has led me to seek to sell my collection of WWII books. What I am seeking to sell is approximately 150-200 original unit histories, battalion studies, regimental and division histories, all with a heavy emphasis on the ETO. I have several one-of-a kind volumes that I have never seen duplicates of as well. All of the books I am talking about are pre-1955 published (no reprints) and are first editions, mostly in very good or better condition.


I do not want to take the time to sell them individually myself (and am not really keen on a "cents on the dollar" offer for the whole collection) so my question to the dealer community is-- is there anyone who has an interest in selling this collection on consignment?


I have not yet cataloged it, but will of course if there is interest. Thank you. Greg



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Do you by any chance happen to have unit histories of the 26th Infantry Division and or units of this Division?

If so and you'd be interested in selling them seperatly, I could be interested.

Field of interest in WWII and always interested in purchasing items related to the following:

26th Infantry "Yankee" Division

Army Nurse Corps

Purple Hearts/Medal Group (KIA/WIA) to ETO men

Purple Hearts/Medal Group (KIA/WIA)

KIA Purple Hearts specific men


My personal website about the 26th Infantry Division:


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