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Thank you very much

I'm sorry, but there are not more images...

Are there difference between ww2 cover and p.53 cover?

How can I know if is ww2 or fifty yeras?


Many threads on here with extensive research on all types of the USMC covers that where available in the frog skin camo scheme.


But as a rule of thumb ,


WW2 covers feature an open triangle stitch on the beach side


1953 blue anchor covers have the closed stitching on the beachside with a blue anchor stamp on a flap.


These are not the only things to look for , then you have cross stitching on the bEach side , the infamous PAC man and his different shapes and then the WW2 Australian made USMC camo.


Some fantastic threads on here



"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions."


Always looking for ww2 USMC items, helmets and any camo'd items



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