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WWII AMICO 2 Inch Gold Dolphins For Sale; Opinions?

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I have these for sale elsewhere on the forum. Another member is interested, but doesn't know much about sub insignia. He asked me to post them here to confirm they are original. I believe they are a textbook set...but fire away!





I will pay top dollar for original WWII items pertaining to:



OSS Maritime Unit



Scouts and Raiders


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I'll post that they are EXACTLY what I want to see in a WWII Amico produced badge. I have no doubt that they are original and from the WWII period.



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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A little late, but ditto to Allan's comments. Nice dolphins at a fair price. The 2 incher's are much harder to find than the mess dress ones.

-Specializing in WWII (and earlier) Submarine material. Enthusiast of history and artifacts from all service branches.




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