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211th Missile Battalion Guidons, Medical and Service Companies


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I'm stretching on this one, and I can't find much information. However, I believe that these two guidons belonged to the 211th Missile Battalion, a Connecticut National Guard unit that was active in 1958-1959. The unit evolved from a series of 211th units, each one changing its name as technology and time passed, until it was eventually consolidated until it became the 242nd Artillery. It now survives on as the 192nd Military Police Battalion, of all things.




Anyhow, as a missile battalion it existed for only a few months, from October 1, 1958 - May 1, 1959. They were tasked with doing air-defense for Nike missile bases in the north east, presumably to save the silos from airstrikes. The guidon is a typical one from the late 1950s, with the crappy vinyl letters that harden and crack. I don't own many of these, because they fall apart, and I would suggest that you NEVER fold one, as it will accelerate the process. They didn't make them for long, thank god, as they just don't age well.





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