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USMC Fatigues

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I went to an estate sale and they had some Marine clothing there. No one knew if the guy was in WW2 or not but I remember reading that if the USMC logo has the ribbons it is WW2? I picked up 3 green fatigue jackets, 2 of them are kind of faded. The one that has the best color has drops of paint on it. One of them had stripes that were just painted on. There was only 1 pair of pants & they have lot of patch work. I bought mostly all the clothing. There was a nice wool overcoat with just a few moth nips. That was marked USMC Quarter Master 44-45. There is a dress blue tunic with the red piping that was dated 47-48. I am thinking that the guy must have went in before Korea. There is a Winter wool dress tunic & pants but did not see any date on that. There is white, tan, green wool & dress blue visor cap covers. Two tan dress shirts, 3 long john under shirts, 3 pair of socks, a pair of brown shoes and 3 duffel bags. 2 Over Seas caps. Some sort of camo zip bag. I didn't take pics of everything but here is a pic of the ribbon bars on the dress tunic. I am not sure if that is Marine Corp related. I don't want to post it all on here because this is just for fatigues but I am just wondering if these fatigues are WW2 or post war. Any help would be appreciated.






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