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Service Pilot Wings

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These GEMSCO wings with the added letter used to be pretty common. I had heard that they were later embellished wings using old GEMSO pilot wings with the "G", "S" or "L" added and used to increase their value in the 70-80's. I used to see these sold at the Great Western gun show and they were frequently on more modern looking GEMSCO cards and packaged in plastic bags like you see in more current insignia. After a while the cards and bags "disappeared....", if you know what I mean. I am not sure if that is true or not, but I have never been much excited by these wings. Nor have I ever seen one in a known vintage grouping or a picture of a guy wearing them.


Again, this is only my personal impression of these wings. I suspect the base pilot wing is vintage WWII.... but when the other devices were added.....

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