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Vietnam Bata Boots


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Picked these up years ago from a SF officers group that was said to be scattered to the wind.


These boots made by Bata were popular with the Vietnamese CIDG,MF and have seen them worn in other ARVN units as well.Had a photo once of ARVN Rangers wearing them but cant locate it.


Both pair are a little different.One pair is a size 10 and the other size 7 with the paper size lable still on heel of the boots.


These have the classic Bata marked rubber circle over ankle bone area and the rubber area by the vents.


Thanks for looking and post the one you have.









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Brian Keith

Nice! Great photo's. If I would have seen these at a flea market, they might have caught my eye, but I wouldn't have known their use. Thanks for the great info.


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Nice boots Ron. Those are the first I have heard or seen those. Are they US issue/made?

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Thanks Dennis


I recall these were made in Canada.There were US issue jungle boots made by Bata as well.


The company originated in Czechoslovakia and was rather large through out Europe and other countries.


Here is a link from Wikipedia




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I had a pair of BATA jungle boots as a kid, they may have come from my 2nd cousin in law, who was 101st in Vietnam..

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American Graffiti

The French have a similar company making them called Palladium, I think they've been around for a long time. I think the ARVN ones were undoubtedly inspired by the French.


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