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USMF ahead of the curve....Photobucket wreaking havoc across intenet

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Dont know if you guys and gals have heard, but photobucket stopped providing 3rd party hosting (like uploading a pic there and posting it here) for their free accounts. From what I can tell, there are alot of forums I frequent that have long standing threads that are usless info. Photobucket is basically holding

the photo sharing hostage, get a paying account and you can share your pics again.

Kudos to the USMF for foreseeing this type of problem and making members post pics through the forum!






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And we don't charge a thing for free hosting of your images right here on the forum. :)


Yes it can be expensive (which is why free hosting is going the way of full service gas stations) to store data -which grows with each new post- but our membership has always been free along with the benefit of uploading images directly to the forum.



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Thank you.


We realized some time ago these steps were necessary to preserve the content on our Forum.

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