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I got this US yellow case with some silk maps and a Russian bloodchit. It is the same size as the typical silk map "MAPS ONLY" case. Does anybody know what it is for? Not sure it held the silk maps, but is a different version.

Thank-you for your help!



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Yep, that's a maps purse. This was specifically for North Africa/French Morocco or more simply the Mediterranean. It would contain the standard compliment of the hacksaw, compass, and cloth maps of the region. Were it defers from other kits is that they contained Gold Seal American currency (paper money) printed during the war just for escape and evasion money for North Africa. It also contained French Francs (paper money) and French gold coins.

It makes sense that it accompanied a Russian chit since many operations from that region were conducted near Russian held territory such as Romania.

What cloth maps came with the set? are the serial numbers like K3/KH or K2/K1 ?

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Thank-you Dustin! Here is what I got. S2/S3, K3/H2 and a K1/K2. Would all three of these belong in the yellow pack? Was the Russian bloodchit a separate item from the pack? I also got the Europe C/D pack with a compass and hacksaw. The saw is pretty cool, it small with what looks like a handle. Some of the handle is missing. Have you seen a saw like this?




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Your welcome, the MAPS ONLY pouch is pretty common but the other one is pretty hard to find, that's a good score for sure. It is also not as well known as the other purses they precede the MAPS ONLY type, the other pouch you got didn't become available until 1945.

There is a whole serious of over a dozen different types.

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Wow, you certainly know your maps. I had no idea what it was, I have never seen one before.

Do you have any idea of the value of the three maps together with the yellow case? I'm thinking about selling them. I don't want to split them up though, I think they were always together. I'm also thinking about selling the bloodchit.

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