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U.S.C.G. Enlisted Officer in Charge Afloat

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The Coast Guard followed right along with the U.S.N. in establishing the command afloat insignia for commissioned officers. By early 1971 the U.S.N. announced that an Officer in Charge Insignia for Officers and Enlisted would be established for those commanding the small patrol boats of the Viet Nam war. Later in 1971 an Insignia was established for the Craftmaster in charge of the tugs.


The Coast Guard followed suit and by the end of 1971 announced that the enlisted Officer in Charge afloat insignia was to be established. The CG OinC is in charge of a cutter, 65' or longer with its own operating facility identification. These cutters had one of the CPO grades in charge.


Cutters are "in commission" if they have an assigned commanding officer and fly the commission pennant.. Chief Warrant Officers and commissioned officers fall into that category


Cutters are "in service" if they have an officer in charge.. An officer in charge is a warrant officer or enlisted man in charge of a unit.. The usage of the warrant officer grade had disappeared from active usage by this time.. One was appointed a permanent W-1 and promoted to temporary W-2 on the same day..




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