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CH-43 signal Corps chest use

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found this and it followed me home like a lost pup..

Nice OD paint...and a unique canvas billow type seal/hinge..... what was stored/ transported in it? has clamps on the bottom to lock into another chest? or vehicle?


any info would be great to tell the story



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That is a chest designed for attachment to the Phillips pack saddle for a radio. Robinb on the forum here has a lot of that radio and will know much more about it all. I believe that chest to be for the spare parts and batteries, another chest on the opposite of side of the saddle houses the radio transmitter itself.

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The manual states that its for general purpose use. So anything radio related that needed to be carried on a pack saddle could go in it. There is no specific item or list of items for it.




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Thanks for the info Gentlemen...I was looking at the hooks on the bottom and was thinking these were perfect for hanging...explains the pack saddle use..


Looks as if it when hung, the lid could be opened easy enough...was thinking the canvas cover/ seal was to allow case to vent/breathe, versus retaining moisture? or allow more room in the chest



Thanks for the info...

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