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1944 Elgin US Navy pilot's watch........

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I have had a few WW2 USAAC/AF A-11 wrist watches (Elgin and Waltham) but this is my first US Navy wrist watch.


Markings on the case back are:


F.S.S.C. 88-W-800 (Fleet Supply Support Centre/s, Stock/Spec. number).

MFR'S PART NO.2103 (Indicates a Keystone waterproof case)

Elgin (Manufacturer)


The Elgin 539 movement has 16 jewels, the s/n is T376649 which dates it's production to 1944, it is running well but will need a service.


I fitted a WW2 era NOS two piece strap, specs. say a one piece strap..... might get one later.


Hope you like this nice addition to my collection.


cheers, John


Interested in US Naval and Marine aviation history, aircrew wings & insignia.

WW2 US Navy and Marine Grumman Wildcat, Avenger & Douglas SBD aircraft.

Also interested in US 5th AF in Australia.


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