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Army Surplus in Idaho

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There hasn't been a thread started for Army surplus or sites to visit in Idaho, so I figured I would start one.


I posted a small note in the Spokane, WA thread. SOS surplus is located in Post Falls near the state line. The business has been in Idaho since 2003, and has been in several locations before landing in its present location on North Pleasant RD just off the I-90 corridor. From the outside it looks like something cross between a red barn and a warehouse. Inside there is lots to look at and hunt for something unique and odd.


The place is a true surplus store in that it has lots of items you would not expect. True, it has BDU's, ALICE gear, rucksacks, boots, etc. but it has camping gear, work clothes, guns, ammo, and much more. The staff is limited but is usually open in weekends and after hours. You do have to inquire about prices as there are none, don't get wrong some of the prices are fair but some things are over inflated so ask before you buy. There is a corner dedicated to air soft and paintball folks. Not bad if you want to go antique collecting.



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Awesome lead! Grew up South of Spokane and am planted in California now. Really enjoy that area, just wish it wasn't a 12 hour drive away. Happy hunting folks!

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Here is another update to this thread, for those of you wishing to buy or look at classic and modern military vehicles there is a small operation in southern ID just east of the Oregon-Idaho state line near Fruitland, ID.


Idaho Motor Pool is a real neat place if you want to buy or ask about parts for a military vehicle of any type, I guess. The have everything from used HUMVVEE's to older style 5 ton trucks, and to include parts, vehicle frames, tires, trailers you name it. Prices are really good as I bought a small M-416 trailer there many years ago. They service all vehicles on the property before they post them to their website, so rest assured the vehicles you see on the website do run. They can ship or deliver vehicles for a price, but if you do, call first to arrange something. Very accommodating.


Second, in Lewiston, ID there is a former Army Surplus store just off the main street though it may be already converted into a back country outfitter place. May be worth a look as back in the day they carried lots of odds and ends of Army surplus. Prices were good. Haven't been there in a long time so check first.

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