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Knife and bayonet display I am working on...


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On 12/26/2017 at 10:05 AM, TALLYHO said:

Here is what I put together. I salvaged a couple 36"x 60" double locking door bulletin boards from a company I had worked for. I needed more depth than just one could provide so I took the cork backing off one and stacked it on top of another that I took the doors off of and fastened them together. I covered the cork backing with a burlap that I acquired at a local fabric shop. After mounting to the wall I drilled holes in the cork backing to accept 1/8" round metal rod stock cut to the length needed to support each individual knife. These rods were then covered with clear flexible plastic tubing cut to the appropriate length. Finished by installing a LED light ribbon around the interior top and sides.



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Turned out very nice!

I am eagerly collecting Pre-WWII USMC material. Any Marine Corps Span Am era, WWI, Banana Wars, or China Marine related material is especially sought after. Let me know if you have something you want to part with. 

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For bayonets I use peg board and cover the wire pegs with clear rubber tubing. But I also bend the peg for the muzzle ring 90 degrees.







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