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Who Hated these things!

Brian Keith

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We used MILES regularly in the early 80's allthru the 80's and 90's. Its was great!Much better than the training prior to Miles.

Before the MILES gear we'd storm through hails of blank ammo fire and yell I got you.. no you didnt etc etc etc.. Really pointless and

MILES gear made it more realistic.

We even had a station where you had to zero your transmitter to your sights.

Once we were clearing a simulated wire obstacle and (Using actual barbed wire.) And a shot rang out

on the other side in the woods.

For some unknown reason, our 2nd lieut picked up his 16 and started popping his own guys down the line on our side of

the wire. The sgt next to him grabbed his rifle and told him.. thosse are our own people Sir.....

The evaluator who was watching the whole thing, came up with the God Gun and shot the LT with it and said

"You're dead Sir." I guess that was simulating us killing him which we would have done had it happened in

actual combat.

MILES is a great taining aid.


Post Script... Every Two years the Lt's would rotate to new units...

The 1st sgt was saying good luck to all of them at formation but he left out our LT...

The one shooting our own troops... So I said... "Hey 1st Sgt.. what about LT_____

He says... Oh yea.... if we ever catch you out in the woods we will tie your rump to a tree!

LOL! That's nice! I still have no idea what to do with this. As far as I know I am the only kid on the block who has one. : )

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The Rooster

A wise Lt. will take counsel from his senior NCO’s .

BKW, MSG (Ret)


Very True MSG !!! The good second Liueys did! The best officers in the Infantry were enlisted prior to getting their bars INMHO.

But maybe Im biased.? lol lol


Hey P-59A.


"Please add your comments and memories!"


If you had the whole set.... Body harness and weapon transmitter it would be worth more as a complete set.

And without the god gun and more sets and buddies with ar's and blank adapters and the will to run around in the woods

popping caps........

...It ainty really worth much... to me....


But its pretty

darn cool and brings back a lot of memories. Those things really made training worthwhile.

If it was mine, I'd just hold onto it. Thats what I do with all my things I dont know what to do with. Keep it.

Good conversation starter. Or you might put it on ebay?

Maybe someone needs it to complete a set?


Its cool!!!

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