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23rd Inf. Regiment pocket badge help.


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Not a good pic at all but hoping someone might know what the badge is on the soldiers right pocket?




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Great photo find, you'll find that that pin on the pocket is the Patch Type Crest of the 11th Air Assault Division. it's worn like that because the 11th Air Assault Division patch was worn on the pocket of the fatigues. See these topics about the 2nd Infantry Division and the 11th Air Assault Division at Fort Benning 63-65.


See #2625










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One more, with caption I posted in the Post The Patch Type Crest Being Worn topic.




Next we see the patch type crest being worn by Lieutenant Colonel Robert McDade, 11th Air Assault Division, Fort Benning Georgia 1964. When this photo was taken in the summer of 1964 McDade was either a Divisional or Brigade Staff Officer in the 11th Air Assault Division. McDade in 1965 was giving the command of the 2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry 1st Air Cavalry Division when the 11th AIr Assault Division was inactivated and it's personel merged with the Benning based 2nd Infantry Division, and took it over to South Vietnam. It was McDade's Battalion that was hit badly in the Battle of LZ Albany on 17 November 1965 during the Pleiku Campaign, The Lieutenant Colonel McDade, his staff, and Headquarters Company were in the lead when it was attacked by the NVA, the 2/7 Cav lost 155 KIA, 124 WIA, 4 MIA.





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