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"Duffel Bag Cut" Rifle

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I admit I wasn't familiar with this term, however I see why returning troops would cut the stock down to make the rifle fit the bag.


I received this rifle with a heavy canvas sea bag named to a U.S. Sailor William C. Henry. I'll post the contents of his sea bag in the appropriate forum. As I just received this Grouping, I haven't done any research on the Sailor.



I notice no Japanese royal chrysanthemum flower on this rifle, and not knowing the language, I suppose its possible that it isn't Japanese. Of note is that the serial number on the weapon is in non-Asian characters.


Is this rifle a late-model version, cranked out in a hurry near the end of the war, or else manufactured somewhere other than Japan?



I'd appreciate feedback.



Thanks -













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The Spoils of War section is to tell of a Serviceman and an related item they have brought home as a souvenir but not to identify foreign rifles.When there is a more complete history and story of the sailor you can re-post...I will lock the thread for comments but you can receive pm's.

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