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Victory medal question

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Gents, trying to ascertain which Victory medal is correct for this ancestor.


Just got the service record for my wife's great-uncle. We knew he was artillery in the AEF but that is all. So he was a Captain in the 112th FA (Montclair, NJ), 29th Infantry. When they deployed to the Meuse-Argonne the 112th remained in garrison in France as their artillery had not yet arrived. He eventually became an adjutant on the staff and so does not look like he saw combat.


Am I correct he would have qualified for the Victory medal with France bar? Many thanks!

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Looks like the 112th FA was listed as FRANCE Bar Only in the WW1 Campaign Credits listing.


Regards, Rich

Rich Witt



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My guess is this is a daily feeder report to the regiment's monthly Returns and here's my crack at translation of the Remarks: Transferred to Army Post Office #726 [126?, I assume this means a location rather than being transferred to a postal unit] per Special Order #300, paragraph 52 General Headquarters [dated?] 25 October 1918


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