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Bar, Insect, Field ?

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I'd like to have your advice about this net for a cot. I'm not sure it is US, so if not, please delete the topic. However, it doesn't look like european one I know. I'd though it was the Bar, Insect, Field except that there are 6 attachment points (3 on each longest side), such as the one below.

The dimensions are 180cm long, 60 cm large and 130 high. It has only one type of thread, I mean, there is only web with holes (not sure that it is clear :-) ). There is no stamp, nor label and the web is natural, not synthetic (I can't identify the material, I can only say it is rough).









Here's a picture comparing M-1944 Helmet Net thread (left), USMC Helmet Net thread (below) and the unknown net thread (right).




Thank you in advance.


Best regards,



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Here is an example of a mint with cutter tags US 1943 cot/shelter half net...the tie strings are khaki with what looks like HBT material vs yours has the netting rolled and stitched into a tie string...



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Thank you for your intervention. You're right about the tie strings, it's cheaper on mine...

As you have a good one, could you give me the dimensions and the location of the tag, and if it's possble for you a picture of the entire net ?

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some of the pica make the net look green, but it is khaki...in the shape of a shelter half, the box is about 5x6 feet with the ends coming to a point, like a shelter half...

This design is meant to be used in a shelter half OR a cot...earlier/different nets are designed specifically for cots/bedding



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Thank you for these additionnal information.

Mine is too different, and is definitely for a cot as it is a perfect parallelepiped, but maybe not US ...

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