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User Suspension: DTRSSS

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To The USMF Community

The following member has been banned: DTRSSS

This member: DTRSSS came here under the guise of being a genuine helmet collector in need of advice and guidance. He received advice on his helmet as he portrayed himself as a victim of a bad purchase. In reality, he was using this forum and the collectors on it to get some sort of stamp of approval for his forged helmet which he later listed on ebay with very deceptive language. A review of his ebay sales shows that this is not something new but happens to be the way he operates having sold many fake helmets with deceptive language.

When this member was caught in his deception by the members, he then registered on the forum under a new name(violation of forum rules). One of our administrators caught this and stopped him from progressing further under a different member name.
Due to the diligence of the helmet collecting community, this fraudster was called out and exposed in short order. DTRSSS was contacted several times by the Administration to give an explanation however, he chose to not answer those requests. The administration of the USMF takes honesty and integrity seriously and we strive to protect our membership from this kind of deception.

In the interest of protecting the members of this community, DTRSSS account has been banned. Please use caution should you be contacted by any individual bearing the following information:





Glenmont, New York

**DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information above is being provided in accordance with RULE 6.2 - Privacy Exceptions:. This rule states: "Any information a member provides openly on the board (via a post, private message, or through board email), to a third party, on a third party website (such as Facebook or MySpace), or in any other similar way is subject to use by the U.S. Militaria Forum, especially if the member's membership is revoked, banned, suspended, or limited." For this and other Rules of the USMF Code of Conduct, please click here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules

"There is no such thing as an expert, only students with different levels of education."

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