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advice on P series helmet

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O.K., bought this P series helmet for $4.25 Awhile back. It is currently in P-4 configuration, but missing alot of expensive parts. It's really not economically feasible considering the price for all the replacement parts, so trying to decide whether to restore As -is & pick up the parts as I find them at an affordable rate, or simply convert back to P-1 style & remove the visor brackets etc. Figure its always good to have spare parts should another pop up or someone need a bracket etc. Thoughts??





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I don't think a P-1 resto would work, since the P-1 was such a different animal (e.g. The material used for the shell, edge roll, the fitting of the oxygen mask tabs), but taking it back as early as the shell will otherwise allow would be interesting.

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Thats kinda what I was getting at. Still haven't quite figured out the "P" series yet with all of the models, modifications & upgrades.

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