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New Member- Raleigh NC area

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Thanks for the add. Pretty much a overall Military History buff with a Grandfather that served in Europe as a Medic in WWII. I'm also a WWII 101st re-enactor but pretty much started alone and haven't found a group for adoption. Mostly attend local VFW and Veterans Luncheons and events, parades etc. Wanted to get on to find more events, fine-tune my equipment and static WWII display and STUDY....


I'm a vet of the 82nd 2/504th 1987-1991 and the 30th Mech. Infantry NCNG from 1991-1996 and currently in local Law Enforcement for the past 24 years.


Picture is from this years Memorial Day Parade in Webster Springs WV


Unapologetically American.


C/505th PIR 82nd Airborne, WWII Reenactment Group, Va./NC/SC. We need members! Contact here or via Facebook



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Hello and welcome. Be sure to check out the Calendar section for upcoming events!

Looking for:


1. CIB with M16 instead of 1795 Musket

2. Rarer current era brassards and armbands


Thanks for taking the time to read this!


donation2015.gif donation2016.gif

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