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L-E-D Engineer patch ?

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Great photo, nice to see one actually worn.

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So it was IDd as Lathrop Engineer Depot in California. 


Posted in October - December 1977 on page 24 as an unknown


In October - December 1978 on page 20, someone IDd it as Lathrop Engineer Depot. I cannot make out the text very well. 


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I believe the patch was for the Lathrop Engineer Depot after searching the internet for Livermore Depot.  The Livermore Depot turned out to be a Naval Air Station  during WWII, not an Army location.  The Lathrop Engineer Depot later became Sharpe Army Depot.  Also, after seeing the photograph of the soldier with the LED patch on his left shoulder, I'm moving my patch from the pocket patch to the shoulder patch.



Lathrop Eng Depot-F.jpg

Lathrop Eng Depot-R.jpg

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