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I have some pictures of the D bales on my helmet and I wanted to know if they are real or fake. The heat stamp is 922F which puts this a month or more before D Day. Front seam. There is a very shallow dimple on each side, centered on the rim at each D bail. Myself and other people can see them and feel them but my camera doesn't pick them up very well. There is also a spot weld discoloration on each side on the rim edge, consistent with the dimples' location. There is no indication of a rectangular fixed bail or swivel bail previously installed. I'm looking for feedback on the information and pictures. Thanks


Pictures of D bail and weld mark.



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I was waiting on other opinions here. I felt the Webbing was bad, but I'm not good on D-Bails

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Aside from the obvious which has already been mentioned, the wear on the straps is not consistent with the wear on the helmet. The straps are frayed but where is the grime, dirt, oil, fading and etc that would be on a chin strap where it meets the bails? Have a look at any comparable originally webbed M-1 and you'll see what I am talking about.

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I believe that is MIG welding wire next to the left post of the bail between the bail and the rim. Weren't these spot welded with a purpose built spot welder? If so, MIG wire would never be required with a spot welder.

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Agreed with the others, bad fake with feet too long.


Also, I believe original D-bails were made of manganese whereas this one looks like stainless steel (very shiny), some fakers catch on to this and corrode the bails but it's all in the feet.





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Fake those bails arent the right shape and that heat stamp is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of range for an M2.

whoops, didn't even notice the heat stamp was posted in the original post, yup that's way way too high.
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This has been a learning experience for me but I believe most I what I read here, I already knew based on research but it was good to hear it from knowledgeable people. Thank you so much for your help.


I will be posting pictures and info for a glider helmet I have. I think this one has a very good chance of being original but it would be nice to hear from others to confirm. Thank you.

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