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My latest restoration: 1942 Wheeled Litter Carrier

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So I picked this up back in April. It was a diamond in the rough for sure. Painted yellow, missing tires, wheel bearings, and all of the parts above the leaf springs. And the kick stand was rusted through in the center. I did all of the work myself. Even found that the correct tires were still available from a company who made these carts during WW2. I'm very please with how it came out.


wlc 1.JPG

wlc 2.JPG

wlc 3.JPG

wlc 4.JPG

wlc 5.JPG

wlc 6.JPG




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Nice work bringing it back.



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I can say it was really rough with many layers of paint. Robin beat me to buying it at the show

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You do incredible work! Fantastic restoration

Looking for: Fourth/ Seventh Rhode Island Infantry items

Purple Heart : Robert L. Freitag KIA ETO 2/11/45

Any US/German items with the last name "Freitag"

also, war-related posters


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I just found one on eBay and it's in beautiful shape. Everything was original and I was lucky it was all complete. You did a great restoration! I will leave mine original I think, as all the paint is there and no rust. It's a great piece and we're both lucky to own one!

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