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KIA Nicholas F. Kruse 20th Infa, 6th Div. Battle of Lone Tree Hill

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Nicholas was with the 20th Infan, 6th Div. KIA on June 24, 1944 in the Battle of Lone Tree Hill. He was from Missouri I am trying to find more info like what Company he was in anything. I have always did a lot of reading to learn has much on this Battle has I could. Now its time to do more reading to find has much info on Mr. Kruse has I can. any more help is always welcome. Thanks


Josiah H Haywood 10th NC KIA Bentonville NC,1865 Great Great Grandfather Tedd McKinley Furr KIA Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor USS Oklahoma, Cousin

James H. Furr WT2c USS Helena KIA July 6,1943 Cousin Troy Lee Furr 275th Reg. 70th Div. KIA Jan 3, 1945 Cousin



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