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So I was at a local shop today looking in some cases and I saw a Zippo lighter with the box etc. The Price tag said $5 and the case said 20% off everything. Now I know enough to know you ain't gonna buy no Zippo for less then 5 bucks. So I asked to look at it. I opened the box and saw the flag on the front first and was thinking it looked familiar but couldn't place it, I raised it up enough to confirm it was a real Zippo and said I'll take it!

Well I got home and took it out of the box so I could research the flag on it and was surprised when I turned it over and it said presented by the Army chief of staff.

So anyone know how rare these presentation zippo's are?

It's dated 1981 and General Meyer saw action in Korea and Vietnam as a 1st Cav Brigade commander.



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