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Fake M-65 jacket?

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this.


I recently purchased an M-65 that was sold to me as being USGI surplus.


Now the hood looks like this, and I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be attached like that with a narrow strip of cloth only a few inches wide. The seller is trying to tell it's normal, and I don't know how to use a hood. After showing him a picture of the hood, and showing him pictures of M-65 hoods where the connecting piece of cloth spans the entire width of the hood.

t doesn't matter how wide the piece is that attaches the hood to the jacket. That is all that it is used for. Some manufacturers have made it wider and of different material in the past.


We have sold GI field jackets for the past 35 years and they are all made to these specs.

then later he contradicts himself and claims for some reason that all M-65's are made the same

The pictures that you have sent show that it is an M-65 jacket with hood. All jackets are made the same.


I also asked him if it was actual surplus because there's no contract number on the tag. I sent him a picture of the tag and he just said

I do not have the jacket anymore to tell you the number. This is a genuine USA military surplus jacket. It is not the current year.


Can I get a second opinion whether or not this is actual USGI surplus and if the hood is off? I'm pretty sure this jacket is off, but I'd like to hear an expert opinion other than the seller. Thanks.



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Curious about the fabric, too. I don't know the specific terminology (I'm sure some here do. ;) ) but genuine issue field jackets are made out of heavy material (cotton duck? Not sure.) It has a very heavy "feel" to it, very thick and tough material.


The reason I mention this is that I have been in "surplus" stores that sold "field jackets" with obviously commercial labels, and while the cut appeared to be identical to that of a genuine US GI field jacket, the material was noticeably lighter in weight, almost more like the 50/50 NYCO that was used in early BDUs. I have seen "M-65 field jackets" with this light material in every possible color and camouflage scheme commonly found, i.e. OD green, black, blue, tan, Woodland BDU, 6 color DBDU and 3 color DCU.


Englewood, CO

US Army 1980-2005

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Thanks for the responses. I think I found some other differences, no button on the storm flap and no proper gusset on the sleeves. Can anyone confirm/deny the thing about the hood? I don't remember the hood being attached like that, and every picture I can find online shows that the connecting piece of cloth goes pretty much from edge to edge. I haven't seen any that show the hood attached with a little strip like this.


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