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Dagger sent to me by a 4th ID Soldier

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A buddy of mine that I worked with had been in the reserves for around a year before he decided to go active duty. He got married to his sweetheart shortly before that and once he went active, was stationed at Fort Carson. He was almost immediately deployed to Saudi Arabia with the 4th Infantry Division and I've been in contact with him since then. He picked up this dagger in the city of Jeddah and sent it to me.


Looks like something quickly put together and probably made for tourists and service members, but still a really neat item that I'm happy to have on display, and pretty cool to have something that was over there just 10 days ago. He comes home in about 6 months.




Looking to buy US dog tags, any era. Contact me and let me know what you have!

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Thanks for sharing! A buddy of mine shipped home some Iraqi stuff in a beat up cardboard box in 03. He was with the 1st Cav. Division. I kick myself as I kept the stuff but threw out the box....so stupid as I collect ship home boxes from WW2. I wasn't thinking at the time....


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